SOS, Carbonite etc

by George
(Small Business Database Marketing)

SOS Online Back-up is the service we currently use. We switched last year from Carbonite for one reason only - Carbonite do not back-up external hard drives.

I've got mixed feelings about SOS. It's only recently that the system started indicating whether or not a file is included in the back-up with a little blue icon on each folder on your PC. This is helpful, but SOS doesn?t show if the current contents are fully backed-up or awaiting back-up (Carbonite did).

We recently had technical issues where backups were not completing. Tech support were reasonably helpful, but it took several weeks to resolve. Meanwhile, we weren't receiving the service we had paid for. No mention of a refund, though.

One of the (potential) advantages of SOS is that it does not delete the file from your backup just because you delete the file from your computer. It keeps every version of every file forever, until you tell the system to remove it. You may not need that, though.

Overall, I'd score SOS at 4/10. To be honest, we don't intend to renew our subscription and will be shopping around for something else.

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