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Ignore the benefits of an sms campaign at your peril! Billions of text messages are sent around the world every day. Yet most small businesses think they’re unsuitable for them. Think again.

Here’s why they should be an essential part of any small business marketing strategy.

The Benefits of SMS

  • An instant 'mini mailshot' - can be prepared and delivered very quickly, and at very short notice

  • High delivery and open rate - much better than almost any other type of medium (especially email). We all carry our mobile devices with us all the time, and being naturally curious we want to see who's texting us!

  • Highly cost-effective - much cheaper than a mailshot

  • Environmentally friendly - no printed wastage

  • Commercial delivery systems - good bulk sms software like Txtlocal has features such as a customised 'from' option that will distinguish a marketing text message from a personal one. The message can also be personalised with the customers name, or other words unique to each individual.

  • Legally compliant - provided they include the right information and features. A text campaign is subject to the same anti spam laws as an email campaign.

  • Trackable and measurable - campaign response rates can be measured using 'coupons', response codes etc.

  • Good potential for ‘stickiness’ - depending on the content, your text message may be stored on someone's mobile for several days, acting as a constant reminder of your business

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Still think text messages aren't for your business? Then here’s a statistic for you. Average open rate for an opted-in email list - 20%. Average open rate for an opted-in sms campaign list - over 95%!

With that kind of open rate, shouldn’t you be thinking HOW to use them rather than WHETHER to use them?

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