Tips for an Effective Text
Message Campaign

Make Text Message Marketing Your Secret Weapon

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Wondering how to use a text message campaign to market your business? Or if text message marketing might not even suit your business?

You’re not alone! A text message campaign is still a marketing secret weapon, despite the fact there are billions of personal text messages sent every day.

Here are some simple but important tips that will not only help get the best return from your marketing campaign, but will also help you avoid anti spam laws.

Use sparingly

Use them only when you have something
genuinely interesting, valuable and relevant
to tell customers.

Because they can be intrusive, text message campaigns have the potential to become tiresome and unwelcome VERY quickly.

Use the customised 'From' option

Make sure recipients know who the campaign is from. Most delivery systems (including our recommendation, Txtlocal) will allow you to display your business name when your marketing campaign reaches someone's phone, rather than a mobile phone number.

Not only is this needed to comply with anti spam laws, but also helps reduce the number of characters used in the body of the message.

Include an unsubscribe option

Anti spam laws such as the Privacy & Electronic Communications Directive 2006 cover not only email marketing but text message marketing too.

This means you must give recipients the option to unsubscribe from any future campaign. See the link below for more information.

LOL! Try to keep text speak to a minimum

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Unless your database is full of teenagers, avoid the use of text speak such as lol (laugh out loud), L8R, GR8 and so on. It doesn't project a professional image, and many of your recipients will be irritated by it.

Only use it, and sparingly, if you have to keep your campaign message within the 160 character limit.

Remember the 160 character limit

Cut costs by staying within the single message limit of 160 characters (which must include your unsubscribe information). This means condensing your campaign message to the absolute bare essentials.

If you must go over the 160 character limit, make sure your delivery system can send multipart (or concatenated) texts. Not all can.

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It never ceases to amaze me how under-used text message marketing is. It’s particularly useful in retail and hospitality scenarios. Grasp the opportunity to profit from that, before it dawns on everyone else!

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