The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Solution?
A Customer Database!

...and here's exactly how to build one

This is our ULTIMATE guide to creating the ULTIMATE small business marketing solution - an opted-in customer database. It will show you exactly how to build one and use it to drive email campaigns, text message marketing, mailshots and more.

We’ve taken everything from this website, added bonus information, tools and checklists, and crammed it all into one big, convenient bumper pack that will get your small business database marketing off to a flying start. Even if you already have a customer database, there are tons of information, advice and ideas to take your database marketing to new heights.

SBDM Booster Pack

The DIY Database Marketing Booster Pack contains:

The Step-by-step Guide to Database Marketing

This 128 page ebook is jam-packed with information, ideas, guidance, and case studies. It's a no-fluff practical guide to creating and using your own ultimate small business marketing solution: an opted-in customer database.

The ebook contains everything you need to tackle database marketing yourself, WITHOUT the need for expensive business consultants. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Where to find customer data, and which data to collect
  • Using other businesses databases
  • Buying data
  • Using simple capture cards
  • Attracting customers with prize draws
  • Complying with the Data Protection Act
  • An introduction to CRM
  • Database segmentation
  • The power of filters
  • The value of dates
  • Backing up your data
  • Choosing an email delivery system
  • Creating your email and what NOT to do
  • Testing your campaign
  • Advanced email techniques
  • Downloadable content, including discount vouchers
  • Links to real-life live campaigns
  • Text message marketing and why you should use it
  • Tips for an effective text campaign
  • Mailshots, telesales, faxes and the law
  • Screening your data
  • Email campaign statistics
  • Subscriber feedback
  • Four golden rules of database marketing

(Please note the current version cannot be viewed on an iPad)


Bonus Checklists & Factsheets:

  • Step-by-step checklists to make data management, email marketing and text message marketing easy

  • Factsheet and suggested Terms & Conditions for running a prize draw to attract subscribers

  • An easy to use flowchart that will instantly tell you if you comply with anti-spam laws

  • A dummy sheet to create your own data capture form

  • Our popular and free Quick & Easy Guide to Choosing the Best Email Marketing System for YOUR Business (in case you haven't already downloaded it)

Here's what the Booster Pack will do for you

  • Keep you safe by avoiding anti spam laws and Data Protection pitfalls

  • Show you shortcuts to save time and work

  • Squeeze much more out of your marketing budget

  • Provide a huge source of inspiration and ideas to use in your marketing campaigns

...and if it doesn't?

Make no mistake, building and maintaining the ultimate small business marketing solution takes time and effort. The DIY Database Marketing Booster Pack will NOT do that for you - that's your job!

However, it WILL drastically reduce the workload, cost and learning curve for you, meaning you hit the ground running and see profitable results much sooner. But if for some reason it doesn't live up to our promise, we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

See the message from George below.

So what are you waiting for?

This is a digital product available for instant download. So, you can start building your own ultimate small business marketing solution right away.

Have any questions about the Booster Pack or anything else? Don’t hesitate – get in touch today.

SBDM Booster Pack

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Well, this is it. Pretty much everything I've learned about database marketing over the years. All in one big, bumper package. FOR UNDER A TENNER! Believe me, you'll save AND earn many, MANY times that amount with this Booster Pack. I guarantee that, too. If it doesn't live up to my promise, please let me know within 6 months of purchase. I'll immediately refund your money, and you can still keep the Booster Pack .

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