Build a Business Marketing List and
Turbo-charge Your Profits

Building a business marketing list could be the most important and profitable task you ever do. If you don’t have a list, don’t worry - you’ve come to the right place!

Use this page as the starting grid to successful database marketing.

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5 reasons why a customer database
is a MUST
Could a customer database be the ultimate small business marketing tool? We think so! It’s the high-performance engine that will drive profitable email, text message and direct mail campaigns. Find out why here>>

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Building your own list
If you’re considering buying, renting or (horror!) ‘scraping’ a list for your business, you need to read this. Taking time and effort to capture valuable customer data and build your own free email lists and mailing lists offers much better mileage in the long run. It will also multiply your profits too. Here’s how>>

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Make an OptIn your goal
The key to successful database marketing? Incentivise, encourage, cajole, even BRIBE your customers to join. The improvement in performance of OptIn email marketing, sms campaigns and mailshots is significant. You’ll be staggered at the difference it makes (we have proof!). Read on>>

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Look, it’s simple but fundamental. Building your own list can mean the difference between a campaign that costs your business money, and a campaign that makes your business money.

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