Make Data Recovery Protection an Essential Part of Database Marketing

It’s easy with an automated online service!

Don’t risk your valuable customer database. Data recovery protection is absolutely vital for database marketing, and an automated online service makes it easy.

Not only will regular back-ups provide protection against the loss of your marketing database, but it's also a requirement of the Data Protection Act UK to protect the data you hold.

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Some of the benefits

The good news is that there are plenty internet-based data recovery protection services that can make the whole process simple, painless and affordable.

  • They will backup your data automatically at times that suit you, which means you can forget all about it.

  • They'll also store your data remotely, so you don't have to store stacks of recovery CDs in a fireproof safe or off-site.

    Even if your PC was to burst into flames, you have full protection and can start the recovery process on any PC with an internet connection within minutes.

  • Your files will be available anywhere you have access to the internet, which also makes sharing large files with colleagues much easier than trying to email them.

    They can even provide protection against accidentally saving over or deleting a document. Simply restore the saved version from the online backup.

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We're not techies. Our company is a straightforward user of online backup and data recovery services. We’ll only give an opinion based on our own experience and requirements. That’s why we want to hear from you - recommendations, ones to avoid, features to look out for etc.

Rants and Raves about online back-up services

Which online back-up service would you give the thumbs up - or down? Let's find the best ones, and avoid the worst (we all know they're out there...)

Score the service out of 10 and we'll compile an average score for each one.

We've started the process with our own experiences. Click below to see our comments, and to add your own.

SOS, Carbonite etc 
SOS Online Back-up is the service we currently use. We switched last year from Carbonite for one reason only - Carbonite do not back-up external hard …

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