Creating an Email Marketing Plan

An effective and profitable email marketing plan revolves around FIVE key components. They’re summarised below. And by the way, your plan needn't include a huge database, as this example of small business email marketing demonstrates!

For more detailed information download the free email marketing plan checklist.

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1. Good quality customer data that is accessible and up-to-date

Ideally this will be your own opted-in database. This will give the best return.

You may also have gathered customer emails during sales or negotiations for sales (in line with the PECR).

Or, you’ve bought or rented a list from a data broker. This will give the poorest return from your campaigns.

2. Good quality content of genuine value

Have no doubt - if you don’t get this part right, everything else is irrelevant. It may take a few campaigns before you tune-in to what your customers like. But PLEASE always use the very best offers and most engaging content you have.

As a basic starting point, just think which emails you tend to open and why, and emulate what they offer. Simple yes, but so often overlooked by email marketers.

Remember - one person’s news is another person’s junk.

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3. Key delivery dates/events/promotions, planned in advance

Your email marketing plan should revolve around this. Plan your campaigns in advance around key dates, seasonal peaks or dips, or events.

I know from hard experience that it’s easier to say than do, but I guarantee you’ll miss important marketing dates if you don’t. And it always takes longer to produce a campaign than you think.

4. An efficient email delivery system

If you pick a tried and tested system then this is probably the easiest part of the plan. If you can’t decide, go with a personal recommendation from a friend or colleague. Or try the system we’ve used for over 5 years.

5. Legal compliance

If you’re in the UK or EU, you need to comply with the PECR and Data protection Act. These cover the collection, management and use of the data, plus the mechanical process of delivering and managing your electronic campaigns.

The Companies Act also may apply if you are a limited company. This and more is covered in our free email marketing plan checklist

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The only thing I’ll say here is this: when it comes to email marketing, CONTENT IS KING!

I can’t stress that enough...

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