Small Business Email Marketing

If you think that successful small business email marketing needs a big budget and a big database, think again! It can and should be a crucial part of every small business marketing strategy, regardless of size.

Want proof? Here’s a real life case study of one of our small business clients that you can emulate. It shows just how successful - and easy - it can be, even with very small numbers.

small business email campaign


KEY CAMPAIGN FEATURES: small database numbers, opted-in database, high ROI (Return on Investment)

Business name: Poppies Hotel and Restaurant

Business type: boutique-style small hotel with lounge bar, restaurant and 9 bedrooms

Location: Loch Lomond National Park, Scotland

Our brief: to build and manage a customer database for marketing. Create and manage occasional email marketing campaigns.

Here's what we did:

  • Step 1: create a tent card to capture customer data. Key feature - encourage customers to voluntarily opt-in to the database. Incentivise with a prize draw

  • Step 2: set up and manage customer database. Create customer segments

  • Step 3: create email campaigns

Building slowly but steadily over 4 years, around 1000 customers have voluntarily signed-up and been added to the database. Only approx 500 of these customers receive the email campaigns. A recent campaign (see example thumbnail above) generated a return of 1000% on the marketing cost!

Small steps, BIG results...

Bookmark this page - it's probably the most valuable on the entire website. Why? Because it encapsulates all the basics needed to make small business email marketing (and database marketing) simple, profitable and successful. A 1000% return! From just 500 email addresses, gathered over four years using a basic tent card.

By the way, everyone is mailed a Christmas card every year, generating even more sales.

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