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About list building 
Hi George, Thanks for the info on your website. I have a list of 450, and I send out an ezine once a month, but the open rate is only around 19-24%. Every …

Opinion on this email service? 
I was wondering what your opinion was on this service that dropped in my email box today: www.blast4traffic(dot)com ANSWER Sophie, I've never …

Sending an email to competition entrants 
I have 2 sites and I am running a competition on my Spain site and have over 160 entries …

Didn't know about need for opt-out - can I use these customer emails? 
Our hotel has a database of just over 3000 email addresses, and they all belong to customers. I now understand about the soft opt-in, but it's made me …

Can I send text message marketing to people who haven't opted-in? 
I manage a bar and currently send out occasional marketing texts to a database of a few hundred. One of my regulars suggested I add some of his friends …

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