Web based Email Marketing Case Studies

These examples of web based email marketing demonstrate some key features of successful campaigns. They also offer some alternative approaches to creating a web based campaign, and solutions to some of the more common problems, such as how to handle lots of content.

web based email marketing 01

It's ok to think small
If you think small business email marketing needs big
budget and big numbers, then this example will make
you think again

web based email marketing 02

Content is king
This case study of a bulk email marketing campaign demonstrates why valuable content is the key to

web based email marketing 03

Lots of content and no space?
No problem. Here's an example of combining web based PDF
newsletters and simple email marketing templates to handle
lots of content

web based email marketing 04

No HTML required
This is another example of combining web based PDFs and simple email marketing templates to deliver content-rich campaigns, plus the ability to track response rates

web based email marketing 05

Prize Draws & Landing Pages
This case study of targeted opt in email marketing uses an opted-in database plus clicks-through & landing pages for a web based competition. Simple but very effective!

ad 06 email marketing checklist

direct marketing consulting
If you only look at one of these case studies, choose 'It's ok to think small'. It beautifully illustrates the value of recruiting willing volunteers to your database.

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