Basic Email Marketing Templates Can
Deliver Content-rich Campaigns

Example No2

Using simple email marketing templates does not mean you can’t still have content-rich campaigns. Creating a marketing newsletter in PDF format opens up all sorts of possibilities, and is often a much easier and more flexible option.

Take a look at example 1 for another case study of this approach to email newsletter design using simple templates.

To see the online version and download the newsletter, click the image below.

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KEY CAMPAIGN FEATURES: lots of content; subscribers who may retain information for future reference

Business name: Travelling The Fairways

Business type: bespoke premium golf holidays in Scotland, Ireland & England

Location: Scotland

Our brief: to create a campaign promoting two new golf tours

Previous campaign templates for TTF had been content-heavy, delivered entirely in one single, long email. A different approach was recommended to make the information in this campaign easier for subscribers to digest.

Here's what we did:
  • Step 1: create the newsletter using DTP software

  • Step 2: convert the newsletter to a PDF

  • Step 3: upload the PDF to our webspace

  • Step 4: create the ‘covering’ email with a download link to the PDF newsletter

  • Step 5: deliver the campaign
Like example 1, the covering email was designed and created by us from scratch. However, it would have been equally viable to adapt and use one of the free email marketing templates within our delivery system.

Again, the ability to design a custom download button, adapt the colour scheme and incorporate pictures and logo from the business website is very important in matching templates with the business branding.

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Take just a glance at the PDF newsletter and you’ll instantly see how its design can be much more flexible than standard email templates design. DTP systems are so easy to use that with just a little effort most people can create polished PDF newsletters.

Believe me, that’s much easier than trying to wrestle lots of content into an email template, or - even tougher - create an email from scratch.

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