Best Email Software
for YOUR business?

You’d think that finding the best email software for your business should be simple. But there’s so many to choose from. A quick search on Google will list hundreds. So, if you don’t intend to outsource everything to a direct email marketing firm, this will be an important decision.

How to narrow it down

  • Use tried and tested software - your emails are more likely to avoid spam filters and reach your customers. The more established the software, generally the better their sender reputation and connections with ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Both are crucial in avoiding spam filters;

  • Look for prestigious clients, solid testimonials, and personal recommendations;
How to choose the best email software
  • Match the pricing structure to your useage. Some systems charge per number of contacts stored in the software, while others charge per number of emails sent. Depending on how frequently you send campaigns, this could make a big difference to the cost of using a system;

  • Look for a free trial period. Try a few to find software that is simple and intuitive to use. Some of the best email software packages offer a permanently free basic version, complete with templates you can use;

  • Look for features that YOU need. You might be surprised by how much software systems vary in their features and options because...

Not all email systems are equal

We've compiled a side-by-side comparison of five of the best-known and longest-established email marketing systems on the market. Even we were shocked by the gaps in the offerings from several big names, while some charge for services that others provide for free.

Take the guesswork out of choosing the best email software for your business. Download the free comparison guide and pick the system that delivers what YOU need, at a price that suits your budget.

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Are you in the UK (or the EU)?

If you are, I’d strongly suggest you consider EU/UK based software for two reasons.

First, you WILL need a lot of support, especially at the start. Communicating with technical support is much quicker and easier when they work in the same or similar time-zone to you. The software we use and recommend provides email AND telephone support, which can be a life-saver.

Second, there can be a knock-on effect from the differences in anti spam laws.

You may breach EU Data Protection Laws if your data is stored outwith the EU. Plus, most US-based software will only permit the use of subscribers who have positively opted-in (sometimes even double opted-in) to your mailing list. While this is the standard to strive for when building your own database, it completely ignores the fact that in the EU you can legitimately email customers whose email addresses you've acquired via the 'soft opt-in'.

Our recommended email direct marketing tool

Is Microsoft Outlook an option?

If you're looking for the best email software, you can definitely strike Outlook off your list. Email marketing is a mass marketing tool, and Outlook is not suitably equipped. It’s not geared to avoid spam filters, will not provide any email marketing metrics, does not manage unsubscribes or bounced emails for you, as well as many other small but equally important points that all combine to make an Outlook campaign look amateurish.

For example, you might want to include some downloadable content such as a discount voucher. Attaching it in Outlook could trigger spam filters. That’s why an email marketing campaign never has any attachments, but includes a separate download link to the voucher.

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I’ve seen at least two homemade campaigns delivered using Outlook that accidentally listed every single customers' email address in full view in the 'to' box. Disaster. Instead of extra sales and profits, you can expect customer complaints, bad PR, mass unsubscribes and maybe even a hefty fine. There’s just no excuse for it - there's plenty of good, affordable software out there.

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